Creative Cuisine

Overall, the Cretan cuisine and nutrition is the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

For the Cretans, the secret of good health and longevity is simple. Eat what the rich land produces! Lots of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, herbs, pulses, dairies and bread accompnied by a glass of raki or local wine. It is recorded that over 500 different types of greens and herbs are used raw in salads or cooked in small and large pies and various ways.

Seasoned with wonderful herbs, we prepare sweets with natural materials such as honey and molasses. The only fat in the diet is the excellent Cretan olive oil consumed without processing, that adds a healthy nutritional value to the meals. The Cretans do not eat meat often or until a few decades ago.

The Cretan cuisine is famous for its unique taste, which differs from other cuisines because it does not try to mix flavors. Each material has its autonomy, has identity and taste, is simple and unique, without lots of spices or flavor enhancements, but very tasty. Through simplicity comes the invention of any inspired cook who carries the experience of past centuries.

The Cretans may eat greens or vegetables daily but they do not eat the same food every day. We find ways to create different flavors out of the same materials.

Historically, looking back to the roots of Cretan cuisine from the ancient times until now,  you will not find any significant changes since only few materials have been added to the dishes used by the ancestors of modern Cretans.

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