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The Cretan food is the pinnacle of Mediterranean cooking.

Our nutrition has become internationally recognized in recent years as a distinctive dietary regime with great enduring gustatory and nutrition value. Scientific studies have shown that the Cretan dietary model - fundamentally based on the consumption of pure, natural products shields the human organism against diseases and leads to longevity.

The recipes in Cretan cookery, range from the original and traditional to more contemporary and innovative recipes. Such a wide and occasionally unusual choice of dishes has not only provided some fascinating historical and social information, but the assortment and variety of flavours, colours, customs and costs suited to all pockets, it also offers a style of cooking which is lively and flexible.

The famous Cretan dishes, cooked in front of the guest while the guest is being encouraged to participate in the cooking, need only oil, water, tomato and some herbs to be so unforgettable tasty, healthy and nourishing. Our prototype nutrition model, teaches that the richness of flavors is to be found in their absolute purest form, regardless of time and place. If we can’t have everything in life, we can at least live…. the fairy tale in AVLI’S COOKING LESSONS.

Guests will receive a small lecture on Cretan cooking terminology at our exquisite garden and hands on lesson and participation at our kitchen where they learn how to prepare and cook typical Cretan dishes.

The guests enter our kitchen and prepare the dishes together with our chef and cooking team. The chef usually decides which dishes to show, however we are welcoming our guest to request specific dishes they wish to learn. Finally the guests eat their own creations!

The course price includes: written recipes, note taking material, cost of the ingredients, chef’s time, glass of wine, tsikoudia and a bottle of mineral water. The guests of course consume their creation - a five course lunch or dinner includes appetizers,  salad,  first course, main course and desert. The duration of the lesson and the dining is approximately 3 – 5 hrs (combining cooking and eating time).

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