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Wine tasting can be fun, educational and very rewarding. With a vast wine cellar, having an award for best wine restaurant of the year in Greece  and because of our love for wine, we offer presentations of the Cretan and Greek wine-varietals and producers.

The fun starts when you realize that wine tasting is a completely sensory experience and so completely subjective.

We usually present 5 wines of which 2 white, 2 red, 1 rose, or 5 white or 5 red wines may be proposed.

Each participant receives a glass and we accompany our wine tastings with rusks, cheese, olives, local delicacies and sparkling water. We also provide the participants with notes regarding the wine-activity of our country, the wines and the wineries.

If the participants wish so, we can present a horizontal wine tasting (the presentation of variety per regions) or present a vertical wine-tasting (the development of wine in time).

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