The Cretan food is the pinnacle of Mediterranean cooking.

Our nutrition has become internationally recognized in recent years as a distinctive dietary regime with great enduring gustatory and nutrition value. Scientific studies have shown that the Cretan dietary model - fundamentally based on the consumption of pure, natural products shields the human organism against diseases and leads to longevity.

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Tastes and smells of the past will tantalize your palate.
Raw Materials

Our intensive and detailed engagement with the Greek nutritional culture was cherished by

the creation of a unique era, AVLI RAW MATERIALS, which discovers and presents exclusive products from all over Greece, and especially from Crete.

High-end goods, such as raki, honey, olive-oil, olives, wine, spreads, herbs, beverages and delicacies, produced by the initiative effort and priceless knowledge of talented Greek producers, can now be found on our deli-shop, so to guide you into a lifetime memorable journey of discovering Greece through it’s savory tastes!

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