Indulge in the flavours and aromas of the Cretan land & sea...

... by sampling our exquisite recipes and experiencing cooking methods that will make your senses sharp and will inspire you to discover gastronomic artisan and local delicacies unique to the region of Crete.We are so proud to offer you traditional dishes with a history and an identity shaped by our local gastronomic culture and we invite you to take a pilgrimage of Crete’s best artisanal food and drink.


Relax at ..

Start off the day with home-made breakfast  sourced locally with all natural ingredients to create a wholesome blend. 

AVLI, a pioneer in hospitality and gastronomy in Crete, is among the top 100 hotels in Greece serving our guests an authentic local breakfast. Each of our ingredients is selected from the very best local producers and our products are of the finest quality and highest nutritional value.

There is a Greek food revolution and it is taking place right here on Crete! Treat your loved ones to it and impress them with our traditional dishes.


Hidden in the old town alleyways of Rethymno and set in a beautiful courtyard...

... AVLI offers discreet and intimate rustic fine dining complemented by a cozy yet formal atmosphere, personal service and an impressive wine list. 

We strive to maintain a high level of quality using the freshest and finest organic Greek ingredients while serving innovative dishes to satisfy everyone’s palate while also offering delicious vegetarian, vegan and gluten free specialties.


Where hearts fill with love, and wine glasses fill with the best Cretan wine.

The art of pairing wine and food is key to our success. Our Sommelier,  will be happy to select the wine that can best accompany a gourmet dish that is specially prepared to enhance your experience.

Our cellar is one of the largest in Greece with over 460 different wine labels.Our sommelier has selected wines from local earth friendly and family owned vineyards. Apart from the careful selection of wines, special attention has been given to the storage conditions. We recommend you visit our stone built cellar and see for yourself that our wines rest and age under the right temperature and humidity. 

Don’t miss out in taking part in the wine-tasting sessions at Avli, sampling fine Greek and new generation wines from Crete along with an excellent range of  aged vintages. 

We cook for you and preserve, as much as possible, the authenticity of the culture and tradition that surrounds us.

1600 Raki Ba Raki

Fancy just a nibble? Try our meze in our “ 1600 Raki ba Raki”
Raki Ba Raki

Mezes are small bites of true taste so delectable that you try once and never forget. The 1600 Raki BaRaki is our personal version of the classic Cretan cafe (kafenion) and local meze bar (rakadiko).

Our mouthwatering dishes are cooked with pure seasonal goods and are  full of imagination and taste. They are also a great pairing to your wine, tsikoudia or ouzo.

We never serve precooked, frozen or preprepared meals; they are always freshly cooked and are based on local extra virgin olive oil. 

Our philosophy is to offer a healthy alternative with unpretentious and scrumptious Greek bites (mezes). That is why, we select the best quality Greek products; to maintain the authenticity of our local recipes.

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