Indulge in the flavours and aromas of the Cretan land & sea...

Explore the flavours and fragrances of Crete by sampling our world-famous gastronomic offerings - inspired by the island’s legendary natural produce and unique local delicacies.

Avli is proud to offer traditional dishes with a history and identity shaped by Crete’s rich gastronomic culture, and new and exciting interpretations of Cretan cuisine.


Relax at ..

Start your day with a delicious breakfast that is inspired by the Cretan diet - fresh, natural ingredients - citrus, dairy, fruits, eggs, home-made breads, jams and honey - all sourced from the Rethymno region’s most trusted artisanal producers and suppliers.


Hidden in the old town’s alleyways and set in its own a beautiful courtyard

... AVLI offers a unique intimate fine-dining experience, with exceptional personal service. Catering to all tastes and dietary requirements, Avli’s award-winning restaurant has become an icon of contemporary Greek gastronomy.
Under the creative direction of Executive Chef, Vasilis Leonidou, Avli’s dishes reflect the essence of Cretan and Greek culinary traditions infused with contemporary flair. The old ways and the new, combining to make an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


Where hearts fill with love, and wine glasses fill with the best Cretan wine.

Pairing wine and food is is one of our favourite things to do. And our Enoteca (traditional wine cellar) provides the perfect spot to savour Avli’s uniquely curated wines from Crete, Greece and beyond. One of the largest restaurant cellars in Greece, our Enoteca features wines from over 460 producers, all selected for their fine quality. To sample fine Greek and new generation wines from Crete, along with many aged vintage wines look out for our regular wine-tastings.

We cook for you and preserve, as much as possible, the authenticity of the culture and tradition that surrounds us.

1600 Raki Ba Raki

Fancy just a nibble? Try our meze in our “ 1600 Raki ba Raki”
Raki Ba Raki

Avli’s sister restaurant, RAKI BARAKI, with its retro deli vibe has a lovely ambience and informal feel. Choose a shaded outside table under the vines, or head inside to marvel at the chefs’ labours of love. Dishes such as shrimp saganaki, rabbit stew, slow-cooked lamb with yoghurt sauce are served meze style. Our version of the classic Cretan cafe (kafenion) and mezedes bar (rakadiko) offers mouthwatering dishes prepared in an open kitchen and makes an ideal lunch or dinner spot.

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